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Remember... The Dark Cave does not follow curfew rules - open all day throughout the Virtual Convention and beyond. Screenshot 2020-04-25 at 10.56.16.png

Follow this link to see all the content of "The Prisoner Virtual Convention 2020" in one place.

Friday's items

· Welcome to the VirtualCon 2020 – an introduction to the event from Gary Murfin.
· Dave Barrie Interview – an interview with Six of One founding member Dave Barrie, conducted by Alan Kent, originally created for a German 50th anniversary event.
· Alan’s Quick Fire Quiz – a numbers based music quiz.

Saturday's items.

· A Message to the Virtual Village from Niki McGrane.
· 25 or 6, 2, 4 – A Prisoner themed music video of the Chicago hit, 25 or 6 to 4 performed by Mistreated, filmed in Portmeirion.
· A look back at PortmeiriCon 2007 by Ant Brierley.
· The Prisoner art collection – a collection of artwork by Paul Pickford.
· Ian Garbutt is Number 12.
· The Rajasthan Heritage Brass Band play the theme to ‘The Prisoner’ from Festival No 6 2017.
· Dave Barrie talks about the Eric Mival book ‘Cutting Edge’.
· 8mm Film of a Six of One Convention from the late 70’s filmed by John Michael Carr.
· PortmeiriCon 2011 – a slideshow of the 2011 convention by Phil Drackley.
· Jan Davis slide show of the 2019 convention.
· Kosho by Roy Stambrow – a video of an adaptation of Kosho by Roy Stambrow.
· Portmeiricon 2006 by Ant Brierley.
· Patman and Rover – a selection of original cartoons by Jo Roberts featuring Patman and Rover.
· PortmeiriCon 2008 – a slideshow of the 2008 convention by Phil Drackley.
· Ian Garbutt is The Shopkeeper.
· A trio from 2011 by Graham Winning.
· Virtual PortmeiriCon – a celebration of the village by Roy Stambrow.
· 50 Jahre Nummer 6 Das Event - Glessen Germany 2019 – a look at the German celebration event of the 50th anniversary of ‘The Prisoner’.
· PortmeiriCon 2006 – a slideshow of the 2006 convention by Phil Drackley.
· A selection of Prisoner themed Poetry by Sarah Jenkin.
· Number 6 or 12 by Ian Garbutt and Judy Barrow.
· Festival No 6 2018 Pop up Theatre – a pop up theatre piece from FN6 2018 by members of Six of One.
· Transference – a short film devised and created by Matthew Lock.
· In the Village – a short piece by Michael Brachen & Niki McGrane.
· ‘Situation Man’ – a music video for the song Situation Man by Ulysses filmed in Portmeirion.
· An Interview with Peter Graham Scott from the PM2005 event held in Portmeirion.
· Virtual Chess – a virtual recreation of the chess game from the episode ‘Checkmate’.
· Number 58 – a short film by Niki McGrane.
· Tik Tik – a short film by Annabelle Stoodley.
· Portmeirion Condensed – a look at Paul Weston’s one man's quest to build his own village of Portmeirion, one building at a time in 1:82nd scale.

Sunday's items.

· A film by Marc Christiansen showing scenes from PortmeiriCon 2016, Prisoner locations in London and much more!
· Number 22 by Ian Garbutt and Judy Barrow
· Are you ready to talk?
· Number 113 by Ian Garbutt and Judy Barrow
· A collection of photos by Debs Mcdougall
· Malcolm Nance Facebook live stream
· Brand – an excerpt from the Ibsen play Brand performed by Brian Gorman
· PortmeiriCon 2012 – a slideshow of the 2012 convention by Phil Drackley
· The Prisoner theme performed by the Oakekey Brass Band from Festival No 6 2013
· A trio from Ian Garbutt and Judy Barrow – Badges, Number 100 and Number 14
· Vintage Convention by Rob Beale
· Paul Blacken White Caterham Corner
· PortmeiriCon 2007 – a slideshow of the 2007 convention by Phil Drackley
· The Prisoner at 50 by Geoff Lake
· The Man with Stick and He is NOT a Number by Ian Garbutt and Judy Barrow
· Wait Wait Procession from Festival No 6 2017
· The Prisoner General Knowledge Quiz complied by Roger Langley
· Comfortably No 27 – a Prisoner themed music video for the song ‘Comfortably Numb’ by Pink Floyd, covered by Mistreated
· An interview with Chris Rodley from the Elstree 50th anniversary event organised by Quoit Media
· The New Number 7 – Gary Murfin takes us through the build for his very own Caterham 7
· PortmeiriCon 2010 – a slideshow of the 2010 convention by Phil Drackley
· BCNU 2014 – a Prisoner themed music video for B C N U from the ESCAPISM! album by John Michael Carr
· An interview with Jane Merrow from the PM2006 event held in Portmeirion
· A message from John Robertson, creator of ‘The Dark Room’
·‘Be Seeing You!’ – a closing video of VirtualCon contributors and attendees by Ant Brierley
· Final Closing Video from the VirtualCon team.